David Atkins – Capturing the beauty of The Ashdown and Camber Sands

Renowned artist David Atkins has created a breathtaking series of new oil paintings that immerse viewers in the captivating landscapes of The Ashdown Forest and Camber Sands during the enchanting autumn season.

With his keen eye for detail and masterful strokes, Atkins invites us to experience the drama of Autumn skies through his artistic lens.

David Atkins’ artistic journey has been closely intertwined with the Fairfax Gallery since its opening in 1995, and their collaboration has thrived with over 15 successful Solo Exhibitions of his works. In recent years, Atkins has turned his focus towards The Ashdown Forest, spending weeks in the great outdoors, painting en plein air to capture the region’s stunning Autumnal palette and the warm evening skies that grace its landscape. His depictions of this natural wonder, along with his coastal paintings inspired by Rye Bay, have garnered admiration and found a special place in the hearts of the Fairfax Gallery’s clientele.

Autumn Sunset on Ashdown 30x30cm

Born in Greenwich, London, in 1964, David Atkins’ artistic journey began with his studies in painting at St Martins School of Art, London, and Winchester School of Art, where he achieved a 1st Class Honours Degree in painting. Following his studies, he returned to London, teaching part-time while continuing to pursue his passion for painting. After success with the Fairfax Gallery, Atkins held his first London solo show at the Albemarle Gallery in London in 2002. His remarkable talent has been recognised with several prestigious awards, including the Horan Prize for painting at the NEAC Exhibition in London, the Façade International Prize for Painting at the Discerning Eye Exhibition in London, and the Baltic Exchange Prize 2018 for painting at the RMSA Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.

David Atkins says of his paintings:

Painting plein air in the landscape means I am faced with a subject that continually changes and transforms throughout my time there, which I find inspiring. The weather, too, plays a very important part. This can change what may seem a dull scene into a place of sublime beauty. I work fast and will rework an entire painting to capture these dramatic changes.

The Ashdown and Camber Sands hold sentimental value, memories, and emotions for me. I have returned there to paint for over thirty years, hoping to capture and express something of their unique qualities in paint.

I hope my artworks give a sense of my joy in the locations I chose and the act of painting them. I want the paintings to be alive so the viewer can discover something new every time they look at them.

David Atkins, 2023.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the artistry of David Atkins as he unveils his latest creations. You can view these paintings in person at the Fairfax Gallery, located at 23 The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells. Alternatively, you can explore his works at www.fairfaxgallery.com, and experience the magic of The Ashdown & Camber Sands through the eyes of David Atkins.

David Atkins’ paintings are a testament to the power of art to evoke emotions, preserve memories, and capture the essence of the natural world. We invite you to be a part of this artistic journey and discover the beauty that lies within these exquisite landscapes and maybe treat yourself to a wonderful piece of original art.

Exhibition Details:

  • Location: Fairfax Gallery, 23 The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells
  • Website: www.fairfaxgallery.com
  • Note: Please check the gallery’s website for exhibition dates and opening hours.

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