Local artist: Cathy McClymont

Cathy lives in Maidstone, Kent where she has lived for the last twenty years bringing up her four children. She loves to paint with oils acrylic and pastel.

“l like the texture of mixed media combining all mediums together, breaking the rules a bit of more traditional artists. Although the subject of landscapes and floral designs are perhaps traditional. I also love to paint the local beautiful houses and oasts we have here in Kent.”

Cathy has been a professional artist for ten years now but was a qualified graphic designer working in London’s Fitch and Co back in the day on brands like Topshop and Harrods.

“After having my children and one being disabled I had to change my profession, and work around being a full-time carer for my daughter Kitty; so painting was the perfect escape and passion. I started selling my work along with antique furniture at The Wealden Times fairs. The paintings were so popular I haven’t looked back since. I am very busy all year round painting, exhibiting and selling my art. Anthony at the Saward Gallery has been with me from the start. He is so professional and enthusiastic about what he does and does it with speed and accuracy.”

Anthony says “Most of Cathy’s paintings are framed and it’s the combination of frame and painting that completes the picture.”

Cathy will take the frame first and then paints within the frame and paints with her imagination what suits the frame. Then applying paint to the frame layering to get the desired effect. The paintings are extremely vibrant in colour and subject. Her customers keep coming back as her paintings are often a source of inspiration for their own home interiors.

If you are interested in commissioning a work of art please contact Cathy direct on 07763524069 or pop into Saward Gallery.

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