Banish the Winter Blues

As leaves fall and branches stand bare, it’s easy to feel low when looking out of the window into the grey sky, but what if we can create a beautiful winter garden to banish those winter blues? I am going to give you a few ideas to uplift your mood by adding some colour and scent to your garden.


Garden Notes

What to do in the garden now


Garden Notes

What to do in the garden now

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Gorgeous Garden Buildings

How about a gorgeous garden building to give you extra space without the fuss?


Hedging Your Bets

Have you ever thought about planting a wildlife hedge in your garden? There are many reasons why a hedge would be a great asset. Not only would it provide essential forage for wildlife, but it can also bring beauty and abundant harvest your way. Intrigued? Read on…

Container Gardening

Container gardening is popular because it is a great way to beautify your living space and grow fresh fruits, veggies and herbs for your kitchen.


Wild About Garden Ponds

No matter how big or small, adding a pond to your garden will prove invaluable for wildlife.


Garden Notes

Each year we look forward to spring to see the end of the dark gloomy days of winter. This is when the garden starts to wake up and the first signs of colour appear. You’ll soon be caught up in a frenzy of seed sowing, growing, and nurturing your garden as it comes back to life.


Using Your Fire Pit in Winter

The winter is a time to retreat to the warmth and cosiness of the house. But what if we open those doors and venture outside into the moonlight…


Garden Notes

Winter can feel like a gloomy time in the garden. The flowers of high summer are a distant memory, the rain is here to stay and the change of the clocks has put paid to any hope of working in the evenings. However, there is still much to be done.