How to Care for Tiled Floors

Knowing how to maintain encaustic floor tiles is key to keeping a Victorian or Edwardian hallway in top condition.

It’s not uncommon for tiles to crack or become loose. While you can repair original tiled floors on a DIY basis, if yours is in very poor condition we advise seeking specialist advice.

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly.
  • Refix loose tiles. Dampen the floor bed and back of the tile. Prime both with one part PVA diluted with five parts water. Allow this layer to dry. Next, apply neat PVA to the floor bed and back of the tile and firmly press back into place. Wipe away surplus glue with a damp sponge and place a weight on top. Leave for 24 hours.
  • Remove floor coverings that prevent the floor from breathing.
  • Remove ingrained dirt by giving the floor a thorough clean with hot water and a mild detergent such as conservation grade Vulpex Spirit Soap (from Don’t allow water to pool on the surface. Sponge off the surplus as you scrub away. Finally wipe over the tiles with clean water, rinsing the mop frequently.

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