How to Care for Wooden Floorboards

Wooden floors are a key part of the character of a country or period property.

  • Try to retain the original ones and only replace them if there is little or no alternative.
  • Split boards can be glued then reinforced with a timber block screwed below, and weak boards can be strengthened below with battens and impregnated with beeswax.
  • A good way to cure squeaks is to squirt talcum powder or powered graphite between boards that rub together.
  • Use castor cups beneath furniture and rugs or runners.
  • Patch repairs are rarely successful; for an acceptable finish, scratched or worn varnish must be completely sanded back.
  • When deciding on a finish, consider the wear the floor will get. Floor gel or floor oil will enhance the colour of the wood and give a hardwearing finish. When you notice signs of wear, clean thoroughly and apply a couple more coats.

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