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Seasonal lighting tips and inspiration

Lighting is one of the most atmospheric elements in our homes, but is one of the most overlooked. Not only does lighting illuminate our spaces, but it provides texture, it says a lot about style, and it can completely transform a room’s mood.

Bloomsbury lamp with Henry shade: £265.
Manhattan console table: £520, all items from Neptune

Matilda armchair in Elliot Soft Teal £850, Brompton floor lamp in Brass £340. Florence scatter cushions in Isla Kingfisher £50. Orme Thrown in Teal £155

“The most effective schemes use a combination of wall, floor, ceiling and table lights. Each one plays a slightly different role and means you can use them in various combinations depending on the time of day and the feeling you’re looking to create. Ultimately we believe lighting performs at its best when it’s used to mimic nature’s dappled shades. Nothing too harsh, nothing that floods the entire room, but rather controlled shafts of light in warm white. It’s a trick we learnt from theatrical lighting that avoids scattering and instead encourages mellow pools,” explains John Sims-Hildtich, co-founder of Neptune.

Three of John Sims-Hilditch’s Top Autumnal Lighting Tips

1 Make room for wall lights:

They’re perfect for adding subtle lighting when grey autumn skies mean there’s not quite enough natural light to awaken your room. Then when the evening arrives, they continue with their subtlety but in a much cosier way.

Keats small wall light with glass shade £115, Neptune.

Fairfax lamp with Oliver shade from £157; Marylebone print £98, Fitzroy lamp stand from £89; Fairfax lamp stand from £89, Neptune.

2 Light & shade:

Lighting isn’t solely about bulbs, it’s about shades too. Consider updating your lampshades to ones cloaked in a warm-looking fabric like wool. Even when they’re turned off, the mere appearance of a snug textile somewhere unexpected will make a big difference.

3 Think about task lighting:

There are certain zones in our homes that require a burst of light more so than in other places. Take the dining table for example, or
a kitchen’s work surface. Here, a low-hanging pendant light works really well as it focuses light downwards, directly onto the area it’s needed but in an ever-so stylish way.

Imperial pendant £215, Neptune.

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