Lighting Schemes

Changing the lighting in your home can be as simple as just replacing some lampshades or updating light fittings with new designs, but what about lighting schemes?

Not only does lighting help to create a specific ‘feel’ in a room, it can also be a work of art and focal point in its own right. Interior designers will often consider lighting to be a key part of any design, even building rooms around a chosen fixture.

What type of light?

There are three main types of light that are needed in a home:

Ambient lighting: also called background or general lighting, it provides the bulk of light in a room. Considered the base-level of lighting, it makes a room more welcoming by eliminating strong dark-light contrasts. Although ambient lighting usually does not provide an intense amount of light, it is wide-reaching and commonly the only light used for activities such as watching TV, and dining.

Task lighting: This is a smaller more concentrated light. You want task lighting around when you’re working. In fact, some people call it office lighting. Task lighting is meant to help you see when you’re doing projects in which you need a finer light, such as, reading, cooking, writing, sewing and many other things.

Accent lighting: Highlights a particular feature or object, and is designed to draw the eye. It is often used to accentuate artwork and fireplaces. The light is usually provided by concealed spotlights, uplights or downlights.

The best lighting schemes are the ones that work with a room’s existing features. Use an original ceiling rose with a statement pendant light or chandelier. You need think about using a combination of the different types of illumination for a layered effect. This means you can have all the lights on when you need them, but then pare them back for a more relaxed feel.

Antique Light Fittings

Antique lighting must be professionally restored or rewired. Look for reputable sources to ensure that fitting meet regulations. There are however a number of companies that produce new lights in antique style, so it’s really easy to get the look with replica designs.

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