Old Smock Mill

The Old Smock Mill which had fallen into disrepair, after many years of neglect, has been lovingly restored by the present owners. Great care was taken not to lose the essence of the original building and it is now an unforgettable and unique place to stay, with an atmosphere of tranquility and calm.

Benenden Mill, known as a smock Mill was constructed in the early part of the 18th century to mill grain. It was one of a pair that originally stood in the area; the other having disappeared many years ago. It was a working mill right up till the second world war when it was then used as a gunner’s look out.

The mill was then neglected and although it had its sweeps cap and fantail, the elements soon decayed the timbers. The cap was taken down in the early 70s leaving only the tower, as the sweeps had by now long gone to a mill in nearby Headcorn. However, the current owners are hoping to reinstate the sweeps cap and fantail in the future (funding permitting).

After many years of neglect, it has been lovingly brought back to life by the present owners. Throughout the restoration, a great deal of care was taken not to lose the essence of the original building and it is now an unforgettable and unique place, with an atmosphere of tranquility and calm.

The Mill has eighteen inch brick walls and a white weather boarded tower which stands out on the landscape and is set in a delightful ‘cottage-style’ garden which can be viewed from the wide, oak staging encircling the building at first floor level. The original function of the mill is clear in the heavy beams that support the giant spur wheel and throughout, original machinery together with items salvaged from the restoration work, have been preserved where possible. The result is a breathtaking fusion of ancient and modern – the interior is a floral-filled circular space that pays homage to trendy cottagecore style, with elegant soft furnishings.

Nestled among this wooden kingdom is one bedroom and one bathroom, complete with a free-standing bath. There are also quaint reminders of its industrial past, with massive preserved wooden beams spanning each floor carrying the original giant spur wheel and sack hoist.

The mill can accommodate two persons and is available for holiday lets.

For more information and to make a booking, visit www.oldsmockmill.com.

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