Touchwood Vintage Designs

Uniting style and sustainability in partnership with originality and function, London-based Touchwood Vintage Designs are working at the forefront of a new industry by storm.

Carefully repairing, restoring and reinventing vintage furniture, often originating in the workshops of mid-century giants Ercol and GPlan, they not only create a new look but provide each piece with a new life for a new age.

Using traditional and modern renovation and refinishing techniques to achieve outstanding results, each piece evolves to become a unique work of upcycled art. But whether the restyle result has its origins in Art Deco or the work of the Bloomsbury Group, all furniture upcycled by Touchwood Vintage Designs is refinished to exacting standards.

Touchwood furniture is available to purchase online and commission work is also accepted. For those who would like to learn upcycling, public and private workshops are available. (

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