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The art of household storage

In the fast-paced world we live in, the art of decluttering and organising your living space has become more crucial than ever. A well-organised home not only exudes a sense of tranquillity and order but also enhances the aesthetics of your living space. Household storage solutions like wardrobes, sideboards, cupboards, and under-bed storage play pivotal roles in achieving this harmony.

Wardrobes: The heart of your bedroom

Bedroom Flair

Wardrobes are the unsung heroes of bedroom storage. They provide the ideal space for clothing, accessories and more, keeping your bedroom tidy and serene. When selecting a wardrobe, consider size, style, and functionality.

For smaller bedrooms, opt for a built-in wardrobe that maximises every inch of available space. Mirrored wardrobe doors can visually expand the room, making it feel more spacious. Choose a style that complements your bedroom decor, be it classic, modern or rustic. Additionally, a combination of shelves, drawers and hanging space provides versatility in organisation.

There are a number of excellent companies in Kent who offer bespoke storage solutions. Options include reclaimed wood and authentic period styles, and the quality of these pieces is second to none.

Sideboards: the art of display

Sideboard, £1225,

Sideboards are not only functional but also add elegance to your living room or dining area. These versatile pieces of furniture offer a perfect blend of storage and display space.

Invest in a sideboard that matches your interior design, whether it’s cosy cottage core, gorgeous Georgian, or timeless Tudor! The top of the sideboard can be used for displaying decorative items, family photos, or artwork, while the cupboards and drawers below keep your essentials hidden from view.

A well-organised sideboard can also serve as a bar or a buffet, making it a versatile addition to your home. Use trays and decorative containers to keep the interior neat and organised, and keep glassware, dishes, and table linens at your fingertips for entertaining.

Cupboards: hidden treasure troves

When we say cupboards, we mean anything from kitchen cupboards for dinnerware to linen cupboards in the bathroom. Utilise these spaces to their full potential by optimising the interior layout.

Kitchen cupboards can become a battleground for clutter if not organised properly. Use shelf dividers to separate pots, pans and dishes. Install pull-out drawers for easy access. In a pantry cupboard, use transparent containers to keep dry goods visible and accessible. Label shelves to ensure items have a designated home.

Bathroom cupboards can house a mix of beauty and grooming supplies. Use clear containers to keep smaller items like makeup and toiletries visible and add a lazy Susan to help you access products in the back of deep cupboards with ease.

Under-bed storage: a space-saving solution

London Road Furniture

Under the bed is often either untapped space or a cacophony of clutter. Investing in under-bed storage containers or drawers to make the most of this space is an absolute game-changer. These storage solutions are perfect for items that are not used frequently, such as seasonal clothing, extra bedding, or off-season sports equipment.

Consider using storage containers with wheels for easy access. If your bed is too low to accommodate storage containers, you can purchase bed risers to create additional space underneath. Additionally, invest in a bed skirt that conceals the containers and adds an elegant touch to your bedroom decor.

Tips for effective household storage

  • Declutter: To maintain an organised home, periodically assess and declutter your belongings. Donate or sell items you no longer need.
  • Label everything: Labelling is the secret to maintaining an organised household. Invest in a label maker or use stylish labels to ensure everything has a designated place. It’s a big job to start with, but a truly worthwhile use of your time in the long run.
  • Maximise vertical space: Install shelves or use wall-mounted storage units to make the most of vertical space. This is particularly effective in small rooms.

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