Welcome to Spring 2023

Welcome to the new edition of Conservation News.

Guess what? Spring has sprung! And we’re feeling the wonderful effects of the longer days.

Here in the CN office, we’re gearing up for outdoor parties, long walks in the countryside and everything that Kent has to offer once blue skies appear.

Speaking of what Kent has to offer, this quarter we’re going crazy for all things local, and we’ve got details on some of Kent’s finest produce, as well as an informative piece on why it pays to support independent businesses.

Better weather means more opportunities for home improvement, and we’ve got great articles on sprucing up your hallway, as well as building the perfect boot room to protect your home from mud and damp during those April showers.

All this plus gardening tips, local news and the lowdown on Kent’s most reliable businesses for your every need – here’s hoping you’ll be reading this magazine in your garden while you watch the spring bulbs appear.

Click the cover to read the Spring 2023 issue:

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