How to… Revive Metal Furniture

Cast iron furniture left outside can suffer weather damage including rust, flaking paint and surface algae.

Follow our tips to help restore it to its former glory. Make sure you choose the perfect day – dry, slightly overcast, with no threat of rain.

  • Check the bolts holding the furniture together and replace any that have rusted. Use a release oil on any that fail to undo.
  • Wearing gloves, use a fungicidal wash or household bleach to kill off any algae. Apply and leave for 24 hours before washing off.
  • Use a steel brush to remove flaking paint to make a sound base for the new coat of paint.
  • Worn-away paint exposes the metal and a powdery coating may be present. Use a sanding block and wet and dry abrasive paper to remove this. Make sure you wear a protective dust mask.
  • Scrub the furniture to remove any traces of grease and dust and allow it to dry completely.
  • A specific range of paints can be applied straight on to bare metal.
  • Brush on a coat of paint, and once completely dry, give it a light sanding with fine glasspaper to provide a key for the next coat. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best time to apply a second coat.

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