The White Mill

We witness the exciting spectacle of the White Mill’s cap replacement

The White Mill, Sandwich is a smock windmill, built around 1760. After a busy working life, near dereliction, then resurrection in the 1960s as the central exhibit of the White Mill Rural Heritage Centre, it is now nearing the completion of a thorough and faithful restoration, which is expected to culminate in the mill becoming one of the oldest working mills in Britain.

In 2018 the cap was removed for ease of access, so that the rebuilding of its entire internal workings could be undertaken. This task is now complete and the cap has now been replaced.

At a later date a new set of sweeps (the Kentish name for ‘sails’) will be reinstated.

There is still detailed work to be done in renovating the internal grinding machinery. When this is complete, it is hoped that the Mill will be in full working order.

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