Welcome to Summer 2018

Welcome to our Summer 2018 Issue

I had a high old time recently when, wearing hard hats and high-vis jackets, writer Susan Hubbard and I were whisked to the top of Canterbury Cathedral to look at the work Dolmen Conservation are doing in the roof. In this issue, we’re sharing with you what we learned about their part in a £24.7m repair project.

We have a fascinating interview with Kent artist Nicola Ulldemolins, whose Whitstable Portraits are again playing a key role in publicising this year’s ever-popular Oyster Festival.

Are you daunted by the thought of attempting an extension on your listed property? Our feature ‘Don’t be afraid’ offers reassurance and professional advice on extending listed buildings.

As well as a timely focus on summer gardening we visited award-winning garden designer and BBC TV presenter, Mark Lane, to get the low down on the incredible renovation project of his 70s bungalow.

Back on ground level after that cathedral trip, I really needed a refreshing cup of tea – afternoon tea is a delicious tradition which you can also read about in ‘Make time for tea’ with some great suggestions on where to go and treat your self – enjoy!


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