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Pub Kitchen – Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge has spent a lifetime perfecting next-level pub cooking. In Pub Kitchen he distils that knowhow into 100 super-tasty recipes for home cooks. Taking inspiration from modern gastropubs, Tom’s recipes are simple, contemporary and delicious.


Wine and Family

A winning combination at Chartham Vineyard


Garden Cookbook

Taking us through the year in six seasonal chunks of two months each, Sarah Raven highlights the best vegetables, fruit and herbs grown in the UK.


The Perfect Match

Our wine expert suggests some tips for food and wine pairing.


Adding More Sparkle

The English wine industry is growing in popularity, with new vineyards, tastings and tours springing up almost every few months. It’s no longer just a regional curiosity but a world-renowned product, especially when it comes to our sparkling wine.

A simple bowl of fresh Kent cherries was what prompted Henry VIII to dub the county the ‘Garden of England’. (Photograph Pippa Palmar)


With its gentle climate, rich soils and bountiful coastal waters, Kent is a land of plenty when it comes to food and drink. apples, cherries, hops; Kent’s food and drink by local author Naomi Dickins will appeal to all those with an interest in the county’s history and its culinary heritage.


Sunshine Days

Discover a region in Southern Italy which offers the most tantalizing food, through 75 authentic recipes, cooked with care and attention and using the best ingredients.


Grow Your Own Spring Menu

Growing your own is a great value way to get nutritious food on your dinner table that’s packed full of flavour and is good for both you and the environment.


Comparing Old and New World wines

We often hear the terms ‘Old World and ‘New World’ when referring to wine – but what does it actually mean?


Curiouser and Curiouser!

Bringing seasonal feast to events, functions and weddings.