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Healing Gardens

Gardening is known to be hugely beneficial to our physical and mental wellbeing. It connects us to nature, gets us out in the fresh air and is often a welcome escape from daily stresses.


The Seasonal Baker

Former Bake Off contestant Michelle was known on the show for her flavoursome, colourful bakes and for championing seasonal, locally sourced and homegrown produce. Whether it’s a simple loaf for breakfast or a striking showstopper cake for a celebration, she loves using seasonal food to create tasty recipes for the whole family to enjoy.


Underfoot – Using Rugs to Transform a Room

Nothing transforms a room like a great rug. A good rug defines a room and adds an extra layer. It can complete a room visually, making it more exciting, warm, cosy, and comfortable. They can be a game-changer on how a room looks and feels.


Setting Boundaries

We all have some sort of boundary around our properties and we all know that these boundaries play a major role in the safety and aesthetics of our homes.


Garden Notes

It’s now the season of sweet peas, soft fruit and bedding plants. This is such a wonderful time in the garden, with flowers in full bloom and plenty of harvesting in the vegetable patch to be done.


Welcome to Summer 2022

Welcome to the summer edition of Conservation News and isn’t it wonderful to have the blue skies back for a while?


How to… Revive Metal Furniture

Cast iron furniture left outside can suffer weather damage including rust, flaking paint and surface algae.


Make your Garden a Corker!

Corker Outdoors have risen past recent challenges, and have their sights and site firmly set on the future.


Get your oast cowls ready for the year ahead

Get the spring off to the best start by making sure that your oast house is ready for the coming year. Good maintenance is essential to keep your oast house looking fabulous but it can also save you serious time, effort and money in the long term.


Discover the versatility of Grenache

Rowena Hawtin sings the praises of a widely planted but under-rated grape variety.