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Life Through Rosé Tinted Glasses

Summer isn’t summer without that chilled glass of rosé, but with so many to choose from, it’s difficult to narrow it down to a handful! Having tasted a number over the last few weeks, here are wine expert Rowena Hawtin’s recommendations.


Mind the Doors!

Reinstating period door features in your home is a great way of making your home more harmonious and can also add value.


Extending a Listed Building – Problem or Opportunity?

Architect Peter King outlines the main approaches to extending a historic building


Indulge Your Senses with Lavender

It’s an easy plant to grow, and adds a wonderful scent and colour to any garden. It’s also a plant bees love, so you might not want to harvest all of it – leave a little for the bees.


Make Time for Tea

Afternoon Tea is just a little bit naughty, but a whole lot nice!


Simply Divine

Mark Lane, award-winning garden designer and BBC TV presenter, saw the potential in this run down 70s bungalow and seized the opportunity to make it shine again.


The Garden Furniture Guide

Interior and exterior design are as much about performance as they are aesthetics. When it comes to garden furniture, we’re faced with myriad choices. So how do you decide which is ‘the one’?


Kent Farmers’ Markets

Upcoming market days in Kent, through to August 2018


Heavenly Heights

We climb up and inside the roof of Canterbury Cathedral with the carpenters appointed to work on a massive five-year conservation project.

Derrick West

Oyster Festival in the frame

Whitstable’s perennially popular Oyster Festival is back – and so are the acclaimed Whitstable Portraits. We talk to artist Nicola Uldemolins.