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Welcome to Spring 2018

I’m looking forward to the longer days that spring heralds. Lots to read and enjoy!


Pairing Principles

Cheese with wine… or cheese with beer? You won’t be surprised to know the answer is “yes” to both


That’s the Spirit

Inspired by their love of craft spirits, lifelong scientists Andy and Norman decided to use their expertise and passion to found Anno in 2011, bringing a proud tradition of gin making back to their home county of Kent for the first time in over 200 years.


Hearts of Oak

With its impressive green credentials, as well as its longevity and versatility, oak is the natural choice for many homeowners.


Bring in the Light

Often referred to as the eyes of a house, windows play a vital role in defining the character of a period property

Caple -

Inspirational Kitchen Design

Fitting a new kitchen in a period home requires proper planning, plenty of research and sympathetic consideration.


The Original Fruit

Sometimes the winter seems like a bleak time, although there are, of course, things that make it worthwhile: hot chocolate, warm fires, and planting apple trees.


Christmas dinner for the birds

As you sit down to your meal, plate piled high with festive goodies, have a thought for the wild birds around you. What will they be eating for their Christmas dinner?


Magic Circle

Nigel Slater on how to fashion a fantastic festive wreath


Hot Dog! Spotlight on the Dog at Wingham

Conservation News was invited to see how this unique 13th century inn has been given a new lease of life.