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Spectacular Staycations

Ever dreamed of living in a historic castle? Or staying in a lighthouse? How about waking up in a fort with the might of military history all around you, or relaxing on a stately home estate?


Autumn Gardening

Autumn is upon us, the evenings are gradually drawing in and winter is fast approaching. So what can garden owners look forward to in the autumn? This is the time for trees and hedging; fruit trees and fruit bushes; roses and bulbs; and garlic.


Welcome to Autumn

While leaf fall prompts thoughts of a hunker-down at home in front of the fire, it may also be a good quiet time to fit in a UK staycation – and why not make it a spectacular one? We have some splendid suggestions from The Landmark Trust, who restore interesting old properties then let them…


On the Home Front

Louise Tomlin tells how she particularly appreciates the efforts some householders put into their front gardens


Catch of the Day!

Who’s hungry?


7 Decorating Tips to Bring Colour Outdoors

Top tips on breathing some life into your outdoor space – whatever form it might take – with colour and finish. whether you’re targeting wood, metal, masonry or a miscellany, exterior paint finishes can offer a helping hand.


Saving Our Hertiage

As new life is being breathed into the disused All Saints Church at Hawkhurst, a local roofing firm is ensuring that the building has a watertight future.


How has Covid-19 Affected Kentish Vineyards?

Rowena Hawtin at Discover the Vine interviewed six vineyards based in Kent to get their perspectives


Talent Will Out

Louise Tomlin talks to Karl Terry about two things that are extremely close to his heart – his love of art and his passion for specialist conservation roofing work.


Recycling the Past

Buying salvaged, vintage or antique items for your home will not only enhance its character, but add individuality and a sense of history. It’s also an environmentally-friendly choice!