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Sister Act

Our writer, Susan Hubbard, meets two creative Kent sisters who are passionate about design, upholstery skills and saving furniture from landfill!

Photo: Barry Cook

Uncovering Coombe Down

Sat in the heart of the Dover Downlands lies a badly neglected area of old chalk grassland: Coombe Down. Whilst other nature reserves around it have been restored over the past few years, Coombe Down has patiently awaited its turn.


Winter Gardening

Winter doesn’t have to be white in the garden, even if there is a blanket of snow covering the soil. Most of the colour comes from berries: hollies, firethorn, and other winter-fruiting plants that add unexpected splashes of reds and oranges to your winter garden.


Period Property Renovation – Our Guide to Success

Returning your home to it’s former glory can be expensive, but knowing how to remodel certain aspects of it can give the whole ambience a period feel.


Kent Farmers’ Markets

Where to buy fresh seasonal produce – upcoming market days in Kent, through to February 2020


Welcome to Winter!

It’s time to cosy up indoors, maybe in front of the fireplace whilst reading our feature on the fascinating history of these important focal points.


All About Render

Many period properties have rendered walls made from lime-based materials which form a durable coating that must be kept in good condition


Autumn Gardening

Autumn is upon us, the evenings are gradually drawing in and winter is fast approaching. So what can garden owners look forward to in the autumn? This is the time for trees and hedging; fruit trees and fruit bushes; roses and bulbs and garlic.


Making Something Beautiful

As summer says goodbye for the year, specialist painter and decorator Gary Miller is finishing some outside projects before the days really draw in and the weather deteriorates.


Restoring the brickwork of The Compass House

Georgian Brickwork, a Kent-based team of bricklayers who specialise in the restoration and conservation of brick built period and listed properties, recently restored the brickwork of the Compass House in Ramsgate.