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Walls and Floors – the foundations of your interiors

When it comes to interior design, there is nothing more important than getting the ‘bare bones’ just right.


The Perfect Match

Our wine expert suggests some tips for food and wine pairing.


Local artist: Cathy McClymont

Cathy lives in Maidstone, Kent where she has lived for the last twenty years bringing up her four children. She loves to paint with oils acrylic and pastel.

Island Life

The versatility of kitchen islands. Islands are the epicentre of modern kitchen design, with all other elements revolving around this central point.

Annie Sloan - Satin Paint in Knightsbridge Green and Pointe Silk Piranesi Pink and Adelphi Wall Paint

A Fabulous Finish

Gone are the days when painting your house meant grabbing the first pot of magnolia you could find! These days there are so many types of paint on offer that picking one can actually be quite daunting.


Garden Notes

What to do in the garden now


Stardust Memories

Collectors of movie memorabilia are queuing up for an auction of items from a Star Wars and horror film legend.


Welcome to Autumn 2023

Welcome to our autumn edition.



A fanlight is a decorative window feature that can be found above doors, windows and other architectural openings.


Garden Notes

What to do in the garden now