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Derrick West

Oyster Festival in the frame

Whitstable’s perennially popular Oyster Festival is back – and so are the acclaimed Whitstable Portraits. We talk to artist Nicola Uldemolins.


Welcome to Summer 2018

Welcome to our Summer 2018 Issue


Unusual Italian Wines

Rowena Hawtin recommends some unusual Italian wines

lamb steak

The Mediterranean Table

Two lovely recipes – Lamb Steak with Cherry Tomato and Anchovy Sauce & Orange Syrup Semolina Cake with Creme Fraiche


Good Standards

Standards are useful for adding height to a border and look particularly impressive when planted closely together in groups of three or four.

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Velvet – A Step Back in Time

Velvet is one of our favourite fabrics – whether you’re curling up in a velvet-upholstered armchair or layering up with a few soft cushions. We explore the history of this beautiful textile…


The Dove at Dargate

With the promise of simple but tasty homecooked food, we headed to the Dove at Dargate for a spot of lunch.


A guide to Plaster Mouldings

Original mouldings are a desirable asset to any period home, But if you are trying to add new mouldings, or restore ones which may have been lost in past renovations, you need to know what types of moulding may have originally been found in your home.


Heritage, Hand-made Bricks

The Pluckley Brick Company is committed to reviving the authentic processes of manufacture for both brick and tile.

brick wall

Another Brick in the Wall

Brick can be one of the most durable building materials. Not infrequently, however, poor repairs, a lack of maintenance and inappropriate alterations lead to trouble.