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Roman blind, made in Mika stonewash cotton in Rose, £52 per m, Susie Watson Designs

Dressing up

Windows are an essential part of the home for admitting natural light and providing ventilation as well as a view to the outside world, but there’s no reason that your windows should be drab and boring. There’s a huge range of window dressings available to ensure that your windows are not only functional but beautiful.


Heavenly Hellebores

How about a perennial that can start blooming before your earliest spring bulbs, continue flowering until your roses are almost ready and has great looking, deer resistant foliage for the rest of the year? Welcome to the world of hellebores!


The Secret Supper Club

The Secret Supper Clubs have become a not so well-kept secret within the Curious Eatery crowd.


Winter Wonderlands

Kent has no shortage of places to offer to those looking for a fun family day out, but people often worry that, once summer is over, there will be nothing left to do.


Researching the history of your home

Using a few fairly easily accessible tools, you can trace the history of your home and discover a wealth of information about its past owners and uses. We’ve assembled a few tips for you on how to go about this fascinating project.


A very British craft

We’re experiencing a huge craft revival. It reflects a renewed love of the handmade, but it’s also about rediscovering designs that are simple, useful and long-lasting.


Garden Notes

Winter doesn’t have to be white in the garden, even if there is a blanket of snow covering the soil. Most of the colour comes from berries: hollies, firethorn, and other winter-fruiting plants that add unexpected splashes of reds and oranges to your winter garden.


Welcome to Winter 2021

Are you a winter person or a summer person? Do you love the crunch of frost under your boots or do you long for the days when you can run barefoot through the grass?


A Winery with a Passion

Bluebell Vineyard Estates has been established since 2005 and is a family run winery producing world class still and sparkling wine.


Sutton Valence School

We take a look at the long and illustrious history of Sutton Valence School founded in 1576 by local benefactor William Lambe.